Thursday, February 18, 2010

Will I ever feel better?

I haven't run in 3 WEEKS! The first week was just laziness. The 2nd week Austin was sick with a cold and it was too cold outside for me to take him running. Now, I have been fighting the cold for a week now. I went through the normals cycle and thought it was getting better. The one things that hasn't changed is my clogged ears. It feels like I am in a plane and my ears need to pop. Every night I got to bed in hopes that I will wake up unclogged. It hasn't happened yet. Nothing is helping!
I don't so much care about not feeling well. What I is really bothering me is that I haven't been able to run. My body feels so out of whack. My muscles feel tight and flabby at the same time. The flexibility I gained from doing yoga after my runs is gone. I just feel gross.
I am so ready for Spring to come and the germs to go away. I want to my head to clear and get my feet on the road again!

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  1. I understand. my headcold is making me crazy. I hope you feel better soon