Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Already slacking

It's been a busy time for us. Austin is keeping me moving all day until all I want to do is drop into bed! He is working on a few new teeth and also testing out his tantrum skills. He is his normal angel-self most of the day, but when he is unhappy, the whole neighborhood knows thanks to his scream and our open windows!
I am in new territory. Just when I felt like I was getting good at being the Mom of a baby he became a real toddler. Great. Apparently this is how the rest of his life is going to bed. Just that thought makes me tired!

I am saving for an outdoor playyard that I can set up outside like a dog run! The plan is for him to RUN from just after his afternoon nap straight up to dinner time. You think that will make him too worn out to fight with me when it's time to come back inside? or take a bath? or whatever else is making him unhappy at the moment?!
Here are pictures of my new Tantrum Austin and then more of my normal Sweet Austin!


  1. temper tantrums are not fun at all. I hate when Conner starts out day having fits. I have found that when we are outside during the day, he does sleep (a little bit) better at night. Never all night long but he might get up twice instead of 4 times. If Austin is like my boy, he will just love to have a stick to carry around. haha!

  2. Julie, Austin DOES love a stick! Or a broom or rake. He loves it! It's too funny until it comes time to take it away to come inside...