Monday, March 1, 2010


Austin had his 15 month appointment this afternoon. It started off fine. Until the nurse walked in. As soon as he saw her, he gripped my shirt a little tighter. When I sat him on the scale he started freaking out. I mean shaking, screaming and gripping me. Just when he calmed down she took out her stethoscope. How DARE she?! Again, the shaking, crying and gripping! Being the wonderful mother that I am learning to be, I had the blankie and paci. That helped. Until Dr. L walked him. The poor man sat one one side of the while me and Austin sat on the other. Finally, he had asked all of the questions he could and it was time for the physical stuff. Again, the waterworks. Oh my gosh it was horrible. I know that he has only been hurt there. Those shots! They never end! (only they do! No more until 4...except the flu) But it was so sad to see him so SCARED. He was just a shaking mess and he is normally not like that at all.

He weights 27.6 lbs! Up 5 from his 12 month and in the 75% which is a little higher than he was before.
He was 31.5 inches and in the 90-95% (so weird since Phillip and I are not exactly tall!)
I can't remember his head, but it was in the 70%

Dr. L said he was a big boy! He also said he was smart (although, I bet he tells all moms that!)

Anyways- developmentally it was a great appointment and I know that we are on the right track. Now, we just need to figure out a way to get him over the fear of the doctor. All suggestions are welcome!

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