Thursday, August 19, 2010

In Austin News..

I have been focusing on my training a lot recently but I wanted to take some time to fill everyone one in on Austin. The most exciting news (for me) is that:


I feel so proud of him. All Summer, I have been teaching him how to kick his feet, paddle his arms and hold his breath to go under water. We tried out the puddle jumper (click here to see what that is in the beginning of Summer but he wasn't ready. We tried regular swimmies like these and he didn't like those either. I was content to hold him this year and thought we would try again next year.
That was until we met a friend at the pool on Monday. This friend is a year older than Austin and soo cool in Austin's eyes! K let us borrow his puddle jumper and we gave it a try. It worked! The little man jumped right into the pool to me and began kicking his feet and paddling his arms. I was amazed at what a little peer pressure can do for a little boy!
We are bringing Daddy with us to the pool today to try to get a video. I can't wait to share this cuteness with you all!

Other than that, he seems to say a new word everyday and is testing his boundaries with rules. He is definitely keeping me busy and on my toes. In fact, I need to good get out the heavy duty scrubber and get that crayon off the floor...and the cabinets...oh and the fridge...

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