Sunday, August 8, 2010

Week One....DONE!

We finished week one yesterday. Only fifteen more to go. It didn't seem like it was going to be a big deal because I was running less miles in the week than I have been running leading up to this, but I was surprised at the things I learned this week.

1. I am faster that I thought I was and can maintain that speed for longer than I thought I could.
2. Just because I've run 6-7 miles once a week for the last 9 weeks I can't assume it's going to be easy. I still need to prepare by eating (uhhh and drinking) right the day before.

I'm only going to measure once a month, but I will weigh in once a week.

Weight 8/2: 163
today: 160

In other news:
Austin is talking talking talking! New words I can think of are :
Cookie Monster
Big Bird

He is also doing great with swimming. He now kicks and paddles with his arms in the pool. I am hoping to get Daddy to take a video this week with his arms and legs moving.

We have officially transitioned into sleeping in a toddler bed. Austin has gone to bed without getting out for a solid week now.

He made some new friends this week that are all at least a year older than him. It was great to see him interacting with older kids. He is so used to being around younger babies.

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