Monday, May 31, 2010

First day of training...

So, I used to be able to punch out 4-5 miles few times a week. Then last Summer, the heat came and my motivation left. Since then I have been trucking along with 3 milers. Today, I was running with the OBX Running Mamas and we all decided to try for 4 miles. YIKES. I did it though. We went on a nice run from the Wright Brothers Monument, over the the beach road (where the sun was just rising), then back across the highway and to the monument again. Tomorrow is cross training (at 5:30, again, yuck), Wednesday is a running day, and if I can still move on Thursday morning we are going for a beach run.
My goal for the week is to actually include a long run. These are super important when training for a long distance run. I can't say that I am excited about this but I can say that I am excited to start this journey.

I do have some cute pictures and a video of Austin that I will post tomorrow after we go to his 18 month appointment. (18 months, really? How did he get so old?)


  1. Love reading these posts. I would love to run a 1/2 next year so I am going to be following your training closely!

  2. Great job running! I would love to run a half at some point too. I don't know when though. It's very intimidating to me. Are you running early in the morning? It is so hot here in the afternoon when I usually run that I haven't run much more than 4 miles lately. I have run 5 miles a couple of times and 6 miles once, but that was a couple of months ago now. Good luck and stick with it! I am excited to read about your training!