Sunday, May 16, 2010

I can taste Summer!

I love it! Summer is so close I can taste it. Austin and I spent yesterday and today at the beach. Yesterday he got to play with his honorary aunts, Courtney and Nicole. I told Court before we came that this was her chance to earn the title and they totally did! They were AMAZING aunts.

Today, we rode to Virginia Beach with Nonna to watch Julian surf. Austin did a great job for such a long day. He played in the sand and waves all day. He is getting more brave with every trip to the beach. He still reaches for my hand (and melts my heart) each time he gets close to the water, but I am worried about when he feels like he doesn't need my hand anymore.

I am really looking forward to this Summer. I need to stock up on the SPF 50 though. Little A is already getting a tan!

1 comment:

  1. great pics, Mallory! I'm so jealous that you live so stinkin close to the beach. If I could inhale that salty air daily, I'd be SUCH a happy girl.