Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Worst Week

I am having it.

Phillip went out of town to visit his family on Sunday. We had a great time together before he left. Not really doing anything special, but just enjoying our first day off together as a family in well over a month. It was a great way to end a weekend full of fun. Well, I of course stayed up later than normal watching whatever I wanted and chatting with friends. I finally went to bed only to be woken up soon after by the loudest thunderstorm I have ever heard. Soon after that, Austin woke up BURNING UP. After a search of the house to find the thermometer, I discovered he had a fever of 104.5. A call to the ask-a-nurse told me to go to the ER.
So, at 1:45am I packed us up and we drove to the hospital. The said his ear was red. So we were sent home with an ear infection diagnosis and a prescription for antibiotics.
Early Monday, I called all my mom's and told them that I couldn't keep their little ones and the poor guy ran a high fever all day. Phillip was nice enough to offer to come home, but I told him to stay in Kinston. I thought for sure Austin would be feeling better by Monday night, Tuesday morning that latest. Well Monday night was horrible. Austin couldn't sleep at all. I tried rocking him, putting him in my bed, laying on the couch, anything. Nothing worked. When morning finally came, I called Phillip and told him we needed him.
He came home and was a big help. Austin had missed his daddy and it cheered him up to have him home. Austin would go from seeming like he was getting better, to being a fussy mess in a matter of minutes. Bedtime was bad. He didn't want to go to sleep alone but couldn't get comfortable in my arms in the rocker. He finally went to sleep but didn't stay asleep for more than an hour. On top of all of that, Phillip woke up throwing up in the middle of the night too.
I found out that J, the 16 monther that I keep, has Hand Foot and Mouth Disease. I was just waiting for the sores to show up on Austin and sure enough I found some this morning. I am waiting for a call back from the doctor's office to see if I need to bring him in and to see how long I need to keep him away from other children. I really, really hope this passes soon and we can get back to normal.
What a week.

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